Meet Our Professionals

We love what we do and it shows! 

All of our entertainers are highly experienced professionals who know exactly how to help you relax knowing they have everything under control at your event. Each of our DJ/MC's have unique skill sets and abilities which enable them to help you with every aspect from event planning and coordination, to event execution and direction. We even have bi-lingual DJ's! When you meet with A Ballroom Production for your wedding or special event, we ensure you know exactly who your DJ/MC will be the night of your event. We will not switch your DJ/MC without your direct approval before hand.

We believe that when you hire a DJ/MC for your event, you are hiring a person and a personality who is in large part responsible for the success or failure of your special day. Each of our entertainers have different personalities, so we encourage all of our clients to make sure they feel absolutely comfortable with the personality we assign to their event. If there is any hesitation, we let you interview each DJ/MC until you find the perfect match.

Every year each of our DJ's travel to Las Vegas for the Annual National Mobile Beat Convention where they learn from nationally renowned entertainment professionals how to improve their performance. We are all constantly trying to get better with each performance.

Please take a few minutes and read through our DJ/MC biography's on this page to get to know us a little better. We look forward to working with you!

Russ Jaynes - Owner / DJ / MC

    Ever since Russ was eight years old, he has shown a love for music and for entertaining others. From his very first Fisher Price radio set with the small blue plastic microphone, and even before he knew what a DJ was, Russ showed his true enthusiasm for music and for DJ'ing by creating and recording fake radio station broadcasts using cassette tape players and recorders. His interest at such a young age helped fuel his passion which he has today..

    Having DJ'd and having acted as Master of Ceremonies at hundreds of weddings, corporate parties and private events over the past 10 years, Russ' enthusiasm has changed into a profession which he takes very seriously.

    Russ' professional career began while attending college. He answered a Help Wanted ad for a mobile DJ thinking it would be a lot of fun to learn how to DJ. After meeting the owner of the company who had been in the mobile entertainment industry for 20+ years and after attending a few events with him, Russ was in awe and knew this was something he wanted to learn how to do. He loved how music could influence people and was intrigued with the impact perfectly blended, well selected music could have on a group of guests at a wedding. He took the next three years and learned the techniques and skills that he still improves on to this day.

    From start to finish, Russ makes sure each detail of your event is covered so that you can sit back and enjoy your special event without worrying about a thing. 



Rory Patterson - DJ / MC

    Rory is a DJ's DJ!  With enthusiasm for the art, vast musical knowledge and a relentless passion for DJ'ing, Rory has grown from a bedroom DJ to a well known professional. Whether he's rocking a club, a beautiful wedding, or a private party, Rory brings the party to you with a sophisticated approach that you are sure to enjoy!

    With hundreds of events under his belt, Rory has the experience necessary to take your party to the next level. He's a well balanced DJ/MC and knows all the right moves to get your crowd dancing! Whether your event calls for a lead MC to carry your event over the microphone, or you just need a DJ to get the people dancing, Rory has you covered!  With his exceptional communication and top notch customer service skills, he will make your event a success.

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