Private Parties and Events

Partying at a higher energy level makes everything more fun! This doesn't mean extremely fast music or a lot of crazies doing crazy insane things, instead it includes crowd participation with a different attitude. 

Most disc jockeys in the Treasure Valley area never leave their "comfort zone" of the DJ booth and to try something new; something fun; something never seen before. Parties always done in the same way will always have the same outcome. You are used to the same music, the same DJ, and the same way of doing things. It is time for change!

The two games that were played were wonderful. The opening Scavenger Hunt was a great start for the dancing portion of the night. The middle game was a great way to draw the audience back to the dance floor. There was the perfect balance of DJ interaction and non-interaction. - Mike R.

At each of our events we stand ready to entertain at a level unlike any other. Sure, if you would like we can stand behind the DJ booth like every other DJ and play the same old music like every other DJ, but you will get what you have always received.

We are here to make your party into one to be remembered. With over 100 interactive games, interactive icebreakers and dances we are always ready to perform on a moment's notice. During the majority of our party planning sessions, our clients go through our list of icebreakers and pick out a few they think would be fun at their party. That way there aren't any unexpected games or unplanned surprises at their event. We love to have fun and it shows in our attitude and performance. 

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