Wedding DJ Entertainment & Coordination

Let me start out by saying, "This is one of the most IMPORTANT days of your lives; it shouldn't have to be the most stressful!"

From planning, coordinating and entertaining at a level unlike any other, here at ABP we do our very best to make sure you feel as relaxed, calm and organized as possible on your wedding day.

We hired Russ to DJ our wedding in May, he not only helped coordinate the wedding party when he saw there was a problem developing, but he also kept the party going non stop the entire night! He was phenomenal the entire time and totally worth every penny! If we could give him higher than 100% we would. He made our day truly special! - May '12

We want you to be relaxed enough to feel as though  you were invited to your own wedding and know that all the details have been taken care of leaving everything to us. We will coordinate with your caterer, photographer, decorator, videographer and facility director to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what is going on throughout the evening.

Your guests will feel how organized and structured your wedding day will be with our help. They will take back with them memories of the love and laughter of your special day rather than memories of a disorganized mess.

With our years of experience we promote an entirely surprise free wedding experience. Meaning that we promise we will not embarrass you at your wedding by doing something that wasn't approved by you ahead of time. You will know that your wedding day planning and coordination is in the hands of trained and seasoned entertainment professionals. 

Contact us today to reserve our professional services for your wedding day!

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